The Mexican International Studies Association
has the pleasure of announcing its
XXXV Annual Congress
The New International Order and the Restructuring of Power:
Crisis, Fragmentation and Challenges
13-15 October 2022
Universidad del Mar, Campus Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico


Registration is open to the public, professionals and students of International Relations, and all areas of similar interest, as well as those interested in the Congress.


Attendees must register via this link
Email registrations are not accepted.

Registration instructions:

1. Pay in accordance to the follow on guidance
2. Complete your information in the registry
3. Confirm participation
4. The Organizing Committee will issue attendance certification after the Congress in pdf format. No certification will be issued if the following are not met.

  • Nonpayment of Congress fees in accordance to time and format.
  • Have at least 80% attendance.
  • Failure to register at participating worktables.


Participation is open to academics, diplomats, scholars and specialists in the disciplines or Social Sciences and Humanities, covered by the theme of the Congress, or similar; from the academic or theory-methodological perspective that may be considered appropriate, in accordance to the operating rules of this announcement.

Operating rules

1. Participants must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree.
2. Registration must be done web found within AMEI’s official website (, completion of each field is required.
3. Any one person may participate in a maximum of three activities during the congress, be it as presenter, moderator commentator, worktable organizer or exponent at a round table. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel any participation in excess of this limit in order to guarantee academic quality.
4. Presentations are limited to two authors.
5. The Organizing Committee will make every effort to accommodate the time preferences of participants; however, it will program events in accordance to the availability of time and space during the event.
6. Each session is set of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Each participant will have a maximum of 15 minutes to present his/her case. The moderator will keep time and will be able to adjust time in order to optimize its development.
7. The Organizing Committee will not accept proposals of panels/tables/novel editorials, workshops where the participants are all from the same institution. The moderator and/or the commentators must be from a different institution from the majority of the participants.
8. The Organizing Committee has the right to accept/reject the proposals that will conform the final program, as well as, the assignment of moderators or commentators, and adding individual participants to the proposed activities.
9. Once a proposal is approved, each participant must cover the registration fee and confirm participation in the congress in order to be added to the final program. The end date is 15 August 2022.
10. Registration is individual. When there are two presenters, both must register and cover their fee.
11. Moderators and commentators are also required to register and pay their fee in order to be included in the final program.
12. The Organizing Committee will issue certificates of participation after the end of the Congress in PDF format. Certificates will not be issued if there is failure to meet the following:
a. Nonpayment of fees on time and form required.
b. Nonattendance to scheduled presentation on the day and time assigned, even if fees have been covered.
13. Participants do not need to be members of AMEI, while it is desirable that all participants become members to ensure full enjoyment of its benefits. For all round tables, book presentation, workshops and panels, at least one participant must be a member, and fees are up to date.
14. Photographs and videos taken during the congress can be used for promotion or diffusion of the Association. Upon registration, participants agree to the use of their image.
15. Information saved by the Asociación Mexicana de Estudios Internacionales A.C. (AMEI) will be used exclusively for the academic activities of the association. Furthermore, personal data may be used for issuing receipts and or make available to third parties to attend legal issues (i.e. in case of an external audit). These will never be distributed or sold to third parties, for any other purpose. If requesting in writing, the Directors of AMEI will provide a copy of your personal data that may exist in our database.
16. Any further information, interested parties may send a request to:

Participant Registration

The deadline for registration of proposals is 23:59 hours (Mexico Time- Central Time), Wednesday June 1 2022, using the following link
No registration will be accepted via email, nor after the set deadline.

Participation Modes

1. Presentations: These can be individual or up to two authors. In this case, both must be registered for the congress.

2. Panels: The minimum number of presentations in a panel must be three, not more than four. Presentations may be individual or of two co-authors and must closely follow the subject of the Panel. Each proposal must include a moderator, who may not be a presenter in the same panel.

3. Round Tables: Participants do not make a presentation as such; they rather contribute to the discussion, contributing contrasting points of view on the subject being discussed. The number of participants must at least three and no more than four. Each proposal must include a moderator who cannot be a participant of the same table. The moderator must be from an institution different from the majority of the participants.

4. Editorial novelties:

a. Presentation of books of journals from publication of the years 2021 and 2022, of interest to the discipline of International Relations or other areas of similar interest.

b. Maximum of four participants, be it presenters or commentators. Presenters are authors or coordinators of the work. Commentators cannot be participants of the work. The moderator cannot be presenter or commentator.

5. Workshops: Must address specific and practical subjects, as well as, allowing space for the participation of those attending the congress. The objective is for those attending acquire, perfect or put in practice abilities and specific knowledge. There will be a maximum of three organizers per workshop.

Workshops are organized under the following themes:

  • Geopolitical Techniques and Analysis (geography and history)
  • Research Methodology and Design
  • International Prospective analysis methods
  • Use and process of Data
  • Software for quantitative research for International Relations
  • Software for qualitative research for International Relations
  • Academic writing (thesis, essays, articles, chapters, books)
  • Strategic Analysis of local internationalization
  • Use of social media in international relations
  • Professional capacities, leadership and communication
  • Protocol practices and diplomatic negotiations
  • Design and mapmaking and geo-localization via software
  • International Commerce practice

Evaluation and acceptance of proposals

Proposals will be evaluated by AMEI’ Academic Committees, formed by colleagues of the different member institutions. The Organizing Committee will confirm acceptance of proposals by Friday 1 July 2022, via email.

Evaluations and opinions given by the Academic Committees are organized along the following knowledge areas:

  • Theory and Methodology of International Relations
  • Regional Studies
  • International Politics
  • International Economy
  • Foreign Policy
  • International Law and International Organizations
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Internationalization of Governments and Local Actors
  • Gender

Congress Registration Fees

All participants and those attending the Congress must be registered and pay their fee in accordance with the following criteria:


It is considered a participant each person with at least one form of participation (paper presentation, round table, book presentation, workshop, or organizing a work session).

$ 1,100.00 Mexican pesos

Participants who are current members of AMEI will have a 50% discount.

Important note to participants:

  • The Organizing Committee will not include in the final version of the program those proposals that have not covered their fees by Wednesday August 31, 2022.
  • If presenters cannot assist to the congress, the Association cannot allow a reimbursement of their fees, unless justified non-attendance (force-majeure).
  • If for any justified reason, presenters cannot attend the congress, they have to communicate it to the Secretary-General email (, so the Association can inform in due time. In this event, the AMEI cannot issue a certificate of attendance.


Spectators are those members of the general public, professionals and students that participate as audience to any of the activities of the congress.

$ 600.00 Mexican pesos

Current members of AMEI will enjoy a 50% discount.

The will be no reimbursements, except for justified extreme cases.

Payment of registration and membership can be done via PayPal and Credit/Debit cards using the following link:

Additionally, payments can be done through international bank transfer, via our Mexican bank account.

Name: Asociacion Mexicana de Estudios Internacionales AMEI, AC


Account number: 00105316484

CLABE: 044180001053164849


Reference: 18

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